Check out the most read high heel articles of the year

Check out the most read high heel articles of the yearYou, the readers of GlamorousHeels sure do love celebrities and boots! Those are amongst the most read topics of the year. Let’s see the rest!

2015 was for sure a very interesting year when it comes to fashion and high heels. There were quite a lot of controversies with the heelsgate scandal during the Cannes film festival and then for Jurassic World.

But there were also some quite interesting topics. It seems you share our passion for celebrities in high heels and get quite a lot of ideas for your own outfits from them. We say that since celebrities rule the most read articles of the year. Boots, too. Let’s see.

You loved to check out the celebrities at a few very specific events. Like the 2015 Golden Globe Awards. Our favorite was Heidi Klum.

You were also very interested to check out the best celebrities in high heels at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. Our favorite here was Victoria Justice.

When spring finally came, you were quite interested to see what the celebrities were wearing. So the chart for the top celebrities in high heels for March 2015 was quite popular. We loved Nicki Hilton.

You loved some celebrities more than others. The top 20 pictures of Jennifer Lopez in high heels were especially popular.

Then we shared with you five celebrities that are known to love high heels. And you agreed.

But you also tuned to us for fashion advices, which we are even more thankful to you for. You loved our tips about how to wear over-the-knee boots casually and stylishly.

You also read quite a lot our five ways to wear thigh high boots and steal the show.

Of particular interest was also the set of tips on how to wear high heels if you have flat feet. It’s a problem that quite a few ladies have so we are hoping, they found a way how to be more comfortable in their favorite heels.

Finally, there are designers hoping to find the new wave and era of high shoes. So you all were interested to see the possible choices of the future. Would they actually work? We will find out, but we hold our doubts.

Those are the most read articles on for 2015! We are hoping that 2016 will be even more interesting and you will stay tuned to find out more about the best celebrities in high heels and the practical tips to get the most out of the best shoes in the world!

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