Check out the street style from the Paris Fashion Week 2015

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Check out the street style from the Paris Fashion Week 2015
Image credit: Jimmy Choo

Naturally the street style from the Paris Fashion Week 2015 was off the charts. It is worth checking out some great ideas on how to achieve a great look.

We have already covered the street style during the 2015 London Fashion Week and the 2015 Milan Fashion Week. We have some tips from New York street stylers too.

The Paris Fashion Week 2015 for Fall and Winter was the last from the big four events. It is also one of the most heavily attended since it is in the fashion capital Paris.

And we weren’t disappointed. Lets check out the street style from the Paris Fashion Week 2015.

We begin with a great video that shows a few ladies in stylish outfits that go for all kinds of looks – casual, sexy, stylish, glam. You name it.

Others were going for grabbing the most attention possible.

Naturally the Paris Fashion Week shows are always crowded. So gatching a glimpse of the footwear of most people is a challenge. But with some patience you can see a few here and there.

And here are some of the top models for the Chanel Fashion Show.

And the arrivals, although it is so chaotic you can’t see all that much sadly.

The arrivals for Valentino are a bit more calm (mostly) so you can actually see the outfits. And you can also see some proper high heels and boots being worn, which is to be expected.

Another video worth checking out as there are a few great looking ladies in it.

This one is for the boot lovers out there.

Here is another great video actually showing off the outfits. Boots galore again!

And the first part (although the second one is better)

Since the fashion weeks are now over, there are also some nice recaps of the street style outfits from the various cities. Check them out:

So this is it for the street style at the Paris Fashion Week 2015. And all of the fashion weeks actually. The next ones will be as autumn approaches, but don’t worry. We will have lots more stuff here on untill then. So stay tuned!

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