Check out the street style trends for Spring 2015

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Check out the street style trends for Spring 2015Spring is almost here! What are the top street style trends for Spring 2015? Well, lets check them out. Get your high heels ready. You might be surprised.

The great thing about street style is that you can do almost any combination as long as you feel good. Street style offers the complete freedom of epxressing yourself to the best of your abilities.

The street style trends for Spring 2015 are in

You may ask why there are trends if you can do everything you like? Well one does not exclude the other. For example you can incorporate some of the tredny stuff into your own outfit choice. Or maybe you want to stand out. That’s what the trends are for.

So, what are the major street style trends for Spring 2015? One of the most talked about trends is Fringe. This was one of the most popular street styles at the 2015 Paris Fashion Week. Fringe leather jackets, vests, long cut skirts, suede. This is all about the Fringe. The best high heels for the Fringe style are blocky heels, booties.

Not up to the Fringe look? Then go complete opposite. Bold colors, bright clothes, even neon. Go crazy. If it is too bright for you, you can also opt for pastel colors with gray undertones. You can also opt for colored shoes and bags to keep a more laid back look if you want to keep a more neutral color outfit. Here it is all about the daring killer heels or at the very least colorful stilettos.

Another major street style trend for Spring 2015 is the boyfriend style. This means to get a look in your boyfriends wardrobe and choose a shirt from him for example. Also feminine, yet manly trousers. How is that possible? Well, for example loose trousers in army green, or denim, but loose, not skintight (not that there is anything wrong with that).

The boyfriend style is all about the relaxed, casual style. In order to keep it stylish and feminine you will need high heels. Go for open toes and/or darker colors. The heel height can be whatever you wish and most of it can be hidden by the trousers.

The final of the major street style trends for Spring 2015, according to 303 magazine, is the white color. This includes light grays and browns. The clothes styles should be loose yet feminine. For example a nice loose top or a dress from lace on top of a nice shirt. Mix and match to suit your taste. As for the suitable shoes. It depends on the outfit. Keep it feminine and pair dresses and skirts with heels. They can be white or a close color. But don’t go with a white outfit and black shoes. That is not good even for the street style freedom.

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