Check out the top trends at the 2016 FW Paris Fashion Week

The 2016 Fall Winter Paris Fashion Week is showing us what the top trends will be this year. We are happy to say high shoes and heels are here to stay!

The Paris Fashion Week is always a place where you can see some of the best designers and the most famous supermodels. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid took the runways at several shows.

The trends on the runways are not surprising. They follow the established road of long dresses and skirts, comfortable clothes that look stylish and colorful. It is an interesting blend of comfort and fashion which rarely goes well together, but these current collections seem to show that it is possible.

The shoes on the other hand will go back to being daring, at least for most collections. They will be with big platforms, sky high heels, bright colors. Some designers though, like Versace, opt for the complete opposite approach with shoes that match the outfit beautifully.

So, as always, the fashion trends split to the two polar opposites. This means that you can pick the times where you want to stand out with a pair of daring high heels and boots and when you want your entire outfit to flow together nicely.

Here are some highlights from the shows that were already held. Starting with Chanel.

Also, check out some of the street style at the 2016 FW Paris Fashion Week.

And some big names like Monica Bellucci, Gwyneth Paltrow, Diane Kruger and many more:

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