Check out these great high heels collections

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We all love high heels and have several pairs of them. But do you really love them like these girls who have built impressive high heels collections?

We decided to roam around the YouTubes to find out a few true high heels lovers. We didn’t have to search for long.

For example check out this stunning collection by Baldwin Soto who has tons and tons of great high heels. If you like variety in your footwear, than look at Soto’s collection for inspiration. She really does have something for every occasion.

Another great high heels colletion is the one that diabellgood has posted. Her features some pretty nice high heels in various styles, colors, shapes. You will for sure see a few you would want to add to your own collection.

Alexandra Mindel is another owner of a pretty nice collection. Sadly she has filmed only her high heels, but not her boots. Even so, there are some pretty nice high heels in the video.

Here is yet another gal that has a very nice taste in high heels. Her YouTube channel is simply called Tori’s Channel. She also has a pretty nice way of modeling her heels.

Last but not least, here is the collection of Justine Frischa. She shows you that you can look great in all high heels not only the most flashy ones.

Which high heels are amongst your favorites? Do you have your own stunning collection of high heels that you would share with the world? Lets us know in the comments below! By the way, here are a few more high heels collections.

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