Check out these practical high heel hacks

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Check out these practical high heel hacks
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High heels hacks? Nope, not the computer kind. Actually we mean some decent tips and tricks that will make life with high heels much more comfortable.

High heels are great, but they come with their fair share of problems. Little things like pain and discomfort.

Usually these are a result of poor desicions beforehand. But whatever happened, happened. Now this should not mean you should live with that.

Slice has a list of a few high heel hacks that you might find useful. They will make your life with high heels a little bit easier. And if you are a true high heel lover, you probably know some of these

Cool high heel hacks

Hack one is relatively simple. Simply take some tape and tape your third and fourth toes together. These will reduce pain from wearing pointy toe heels. More details right here.

Your brand new killer heels are a bit too tight? Put on a pair of thick socks, grab a blow dryer and heat them up. Then walk around the house. Repeat a few times until the heels loosen up a bit. More options on how to break in high heels here

Your suede boots or heels got dirty? Get some day old crusty bread and rub the dirt off. There are other ways to clean suede heels, too.

Blisters are another common problem when wearing high heels. There a special band-aids for blisters that will keep it protected from your shoes.

Still new to high heels, but want to quickly feel comfortable walking in them? Go for heels with ankle straps. They are much more comfortable for walking because of the added support by the straps.

As much as you love high heels. Don’t be wearing them all the time. Give your feet some rest for a day or so. Andtake good care of your feet.

If you keep feeling discomfort at certain parts of the shoes, add some insoles or moleskin padding. They will act as cushions and will make walking much more comfortable.

One of your favorite pains looks more and more worn? It is time for some DIY to bring them back to life. Here are a few ideas you may like.

If you happen to see scratches on your leather high heels you can remove them with ease. Take some moisturizer and rub it on the stratches. If they are not too deep, they will disappear.

There are also a few other high heel hacks that you might like. Check them out.

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