Check out which three celebrities in high heels rocked the premiere of The Hateful Eight

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Check out which three celebrities in high heels rocked the premiere of The Hateful EightMovie premiers are always a great place to spot some amazing high heels. The premiere of The Hateful Eight for example was rocked by three celebrities. Who were they?

That’s what we are here to find out. The celebs in question wowed us with either their footwear choice, outfit choice or both. We were spoiled for choice at the premiere of The Hateful Eight, but three ladies stood out.

One of them was Bella Thorne. The young star rocked the red carpet in a lace top and floral skirt. But what really caught our attention was Bella’s sparkling black high heeled thigh high boots. They were studded with lots of crystals and looked pretty impressive.

Bella Thorne in boots

Bella was looking and feeling very good and took her time to pose for the cameras. Naturally the paparazzi were more than pleased.

Bella Thorne in high heeled boots

Next up is Zendaya. She had also opted for a lace dress, but a blue one and transparent on the lower half. It looked very feminine and stylish on her.

Zendaya in high heels

She had the dress paired with sky high black high heels. The heels themselves were metallic and thin, to add some edge to Zendaya’s overall gentle look for the event.

Zendaya in high heels

The third celebrity we loved at The Hateful Eight premiere was Jenna Dewan Tatum. She had also joined Bella and Zendaya and opted for a transparent lace dress. In Jenna’s case though, it was definitely the most impressive dress, which was reaching the floor and making the imagination run wild.

Jenna Dewan Tatum in a long lace dress

Jenna had opted for a pair of sky high black high heels, to add extra height and sexy look to her already very impressive dress.

Jenna Dewan in a long dress

These are the three celebrities that rocked the premiere of The Hateful Eight in glamorous high heels, boots and dresses. Stay tuned for more from the world of celebs, red carpets and fashion.

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