Christian Louboutin Malangeli shoes go on sale in October

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The pair will be offered in limited edition and given the popularity of the brand itself and Jolie AND the movie, they will go off the shelves quite quickly despite their price. What is it? Well It is 1045 euro for the black version which is a lot by any standarts even for shoes that are more collectibles and not exactly for everyday wear.

“It is exciting to work with someone who has such a strong aesthetic and character. Getting to know Angelina through a fun collaboration has been one of my greatest pleasures!”
The maker doesn’t say how much pairs will be produced. It could be 50, it could be 20 000, we can’t know but it will rely mainly on pre-orders so don’t wait around too much if you really, really like them. What we do know though is that profits from sales will be donated to the SOS Children’s Villages which is one of the NGOs that Jolie supports.

As for the Malangeli shoes, well they do look quite good. The idea is definately out of the norm. The shoes look like a cross between pumps and wedges. The wedge itself is used just for look (and probably to hide the steel rod that has to be there to provide enough strength for the heels.

The heel is actually a tail of smoke but it has a small point in the bottom that is toughened to take the steps of the wearer. The base is a combination of a mesh and patent leather. As Louboutin himself says: whatever happens next is totally up to you.

Although probably the vast majority of the sold Malangeli shoes will be stored away in collections we do hope that some of them will grace the feet of lovely ladies that will take them out for a stroll. Just be careful not to wear them with too long skirts as you never know what may get caught in those sharp heels.

And if you like to have some color the limited Louboutin Malangeli high heels will be also available in red. Pre-orders can be made in Christian Louboutin boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong and Paris.

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