Christian Louboutin shows how to dance in high heels in a first ad (video)

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Christian Louboutin shows how to dance in high heels in a first ad (video)Dancing in high heels can be quite challenging. Christian Louboutin shows off how to dance gracefully in high heels in a first ad which was posted recently.

Christian Louboutin worked with Spanish dancer and choreographer Bianca Li for a short film called La Répétition. It sets new standards for dancing in heels, ELLE says.

Bianca taking part in the movie as the strict choreographer and is bringing down the whip on a group of dancers. Everyone are wearing Louboutin’s AW16 collection and taking part in a high-paced dance sequence.

You’ve never seen dancing in high heels and stilettos look this easy. “Well, one dancer passes out, but ahem, it’s a guy in sneakers”, ELLE notes.

This is the first of a major campaign for Louboutin which also adds several pictures from the movie. First, the actual video ad:

And now here are the first officially released images:

Slip on your dancing shoes and watch “La Répétition,” directed by and featuring choreographer @blancalioficial. Discover AW16 via the link in our bio. 📷 @renehabermacher

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