Christian Louboutin thinks he’s making “useless work”

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Christian Louboutin thinks he's making "useless work"

Christian Louboutin has become the world’s most famous shoe brand. But his owner actually thinks he is making “useless work”, but he is very proud of it.

“It’s very important to design things that you don’t need. I think that I make very useless work and I’m very proud of it”, Christian Louboutin says in a new Channel 4 documentary about him and his company. The reasoning behind this logic is pretty simple. As long as his customers feel sexy and good, that is all that matters. Most often “useless” items help achieving this feeling.

Louboutin revealed that a picture of Princess Diana looking sadly at her feet was the inspiration for the very first pair of shoes he designed under his own name. “It would be nice to have something to make her smile, when she looked at her feet”, he thought.

This is what drives Louboutin when he makes his shoes. “I thought, one day, I really want to design shoes which will not be made to walk at all, and so there will be no possibility to walk in them”, he says, but that day is still to come. But it is safe to assume future Louboutin heels won’t focus on comfort either.

What they will focus on though is style and looking sexy. So, ladies who want that, should be prepared for the challenge that Louboutin high heels could be if your feet aren’t fit and prepared for a night out in these killer heels. Louboutin himself is not phased by that and is already working on his new collections.

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