Christian Louboutin wasn’t planning on always using a red sole

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Christian Louboutin wasn't planning on always using a red soleChristian Louboutin high heels are easily recognizable thanks to their style and iconic red soles. But using always red wasn’t the plan says Louboutin himself.

He took part in the fourth annual Vogue Festival in London, which was hosted in the the historic Royal Geographical Society. The interview with British Vogue Editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman was attended by nearly 700 guests – many wearing the designer’s signature Red Soles.

During the interview Louboutin describes the red soles as a “happy accident” that wasn’t on the plans. “I originally thought to do a different coloured sole every season, but quickly red became a signature, and later a trademark,” he explained.

The red soles were first used back in 1993, two years after he opened his first store in the heart of Paris’ 1st Arrondissement. When the red soles came he knew he stubmled upon something that will help him differentiate on the market.

And this is how Louboutin does business, he says. He also adds he has never had a five or ten year plan for the growth of his company. Instead he is independent, organic and driven by intuition. He also encouraged the audience to pursure their passion above all. “I have no problem working over the weekend, working late hours – because I love what I do,” the designer said.

So there you have it. You never know from where a good idea will pop up. So never be afraid of change and of following your heart. If Louboutin hadn’t done that, he would now have dozens of different colored shoe sholes and hit and misses instead of having one that has propelled him to the top despite his orignal plans. It is a prime example for following your heart. And if it works for high heels and business, it will work for anytihng else too.

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