Christina Aguilera, Gal Gadot and Emmy Rossum impress with elegant and daring styles and heels

Christina Aguilera is making her way back in the spotlight and everyone are taking notice. Gal Gadot and Emmy Rossum meanwhile continue to impress with their styles and high heels.

In fact, all three celebrities were quite busy this week. And they were at different places in the US, but still impressed with their elegant and daring style equally.

Christina was at Craig’s in West Hollywood. She impressed in a new style and look. Many think it’s part of her new look for her upcoming album. While there’s nothing official, fans expect it’s coming this year.

Christina rocked an elegant black coat and a pinstripe suit with a very brave V-neck. She teamed the outfit with a pair of nude-colored high heels. The shoes remained mostly hidden thanks to the long trouser legs.

Christina also rocked a red leather hat and a white purse. She opted for some quite big and unusual earrings, too. Finally, Christina rocked her hair pulled back, but loose and opted for accenting makeup without going overboard with it.

Gal Gadot on the other hand was in New York for Revlon’s Live Boldly campaign launch. Gal opted for an interesting outfit combining a dress-look with overalls of the daring kind.

Gal’s outfit featured a deep V-neck with metal plaques on the sides. Then it transitioned to loose and wide trouser legs with a sheer part at the thighs.

Gal rocked a pair of elegant strapped high heels to add to her look. They were the asymmetrical type with only one strap going around the foot and ankle.

Gal kept her hair loose and straight. She also opted for accenting makeup with lipstick and eyeliner, but nothing too heavy.

Finally, Emmy Rossum. She was at the ‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’ premiere during the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

Emmy looked very elegant in a simple black dress. The dress had an asymmetrical peplum for extra style points.

Emmy teamed the elegant piece with black tights and a pair of elegant black leather booties. They had medium thin heels and pointed toes with silver jewels on top.

Rossum kept her hair long and loose with elegant curls. She opted to accent her eyes more with eyeliner and eyeshadows. On the other hand she added a nude shade of lipstick and lip gloss to keep things balanced.

In the end, we have three different celebrities with very different styles. Even so, they have the common ground of all looking both stylish and impressive.

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