Christina Milian stuns in leather and latex outfit in high heels

Christina Milian is back in the spotlight with a bang. She wowed in Hollywood when she went to a party rocking leather, latex and high heels.

Christina was at the Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood. She rocked a colorful outfit which at first sight didn’t seem like something all too daring.

But that’s until you double check it. And it turns out it’s quite the piece. It mixes leather, latex and high heels all into one.

Now that’s a recipe for something quite impressive if done right. And Christina did do it right.

She rocked a yellow leather jacket which was unzipped and showed off Christina’s chest. It’s something she did and opted for a revealing red top to draw even more attention.

Christina also opted for a short grey latex skirt. The skirt was like a second skin, but didn’t restrain Christina from walking in her powerful strut.

She completed her outfit with a pair of nude colored Louboutin high heels. They were seemingly a tad bit too small, but Christina didn’t have visible discomfort. Quite the opposite, she seemed quite happy and confident.

She rocked her hair long and loose and added some accenting makeup. A red handbag completed her outfit and look. Quite impressive, we think.

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