Clean Heels prevent your heels from sinking in grass

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Clean Heels prevent your heels from sinking in grass
Image credit: Clean Heels

Walking on grass can be a real pain in the bum if you are wearing high heels. The company Clean Heels has found a solution in the form of heel stoppers.

It is said that often the simple things are the most difficult to think of. This is no different. If you have ever walked on grass in your thin high heels you know that they almost always sink in. Especially if the soil is soft.

This requires you to change your walk, be even more careful and in the end, it rarely has any results. But a very simple pair of accessories for your high heels might solve this problem.

The company Clean Heels has patented the so-called heel stopped. It is a tiny extra mini platform that you can attach on the end of your thin heels. It will give your heel a little bit of extra surface to step on. It might not seem like much, but it is enough to prevent your heels from sinking into the grass and soil.

They even make it easier for you to walk on the surface, says Ally Stevenson, who is founder of Clean Heels to the Telegraph. Recently her product got a 50 000 pounds investment from the host of the TV show Dragons’ Den where enterpreneuers pitch their ideas in hopes of securing funding for them.

Stevenson will use the money and help from the hosts in securin partnerships with leading shoe manufacturers. The idea is to include a pair of heel stoppers with the high heels they sell.

“Imagine getting a pair of new Jimmy Choos or Louboutins and getting a product to protect the heels at the same time,” she says.Clean Heels’ heel stoppers come in a variety of colours and designs.

Stevenson says came up with the idea for the stoppers while attending a family wedding in 2005. “All of us were sinking into the grass so I popped a couple of beer bottle tops under my heels to save my beautiful shoes,” she explains.

The product came into life at the end ot 2006. You can now get the heel stoppers via the Clean Heels’ website. So far there have been sold more than 300 000 stoppers and have slowly grown beyond preventing you from sinking into the soil.

For example in 2011 Jennifer Love Hewitt used them while filming her movie Lost Valentine. The reason? She had to wear high heels for the movie but they had not to make a sound.

The National Trust also buys in heel stoppers for a number of its heritage sites. Visitors are asked to wear them to keep the floors scuff-free. The famous Cutty Sark also provides heel stoppers for wearers of high heels to protect the ship’s decking.

“We also get a lot of orders from women who struggle to wear heels, and older ladies, because they help so much with balance”, says Stevenson.

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