Daisy Lowe and Charli XCX stun in leather skirts and high heels at the same event

Daisy Lowe and Charli XCX both opted for short black leather skirts and high heels as part of their latest outfits. And they both were at the same event!

For most fashionistas that would be a problem. Not for the ladies, though. Or for us, for that matter.

While Daisy and Charli chose similar fashion items, the ways they presented them were quite different. So we got to see a great example of similar items with very different looks.

Daisy opted for a more streamlined, elegant look. She rocked a fitted short leather skirt with high waist and side zippers. She also wore a pair of nude colored fishnet stockings. A semi-fitted black top and a pair of ankle-strapped high heels completed her look.

It’s a very simple, yet powerful and elegant look which had heads turning. Daisy rocked her hair loose and opted for accenting lipstick.

Charli XCX on the other hand opted for a mix of casual and provocativeness. She was wearing a simple T-shirt tucked into a provocative short black leather skirt. The skirt featured front zippers and side chains.

A racing jacket and a pair of pointy-toed ankle-strapped high heels completed Chari’s look. She also kept her hair loose and opted for accenting lipstick in a brighter tone. Which outfit do you prefer more?

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