Dakota Fanning looked as glamorous as ever in high heels at the Venice Film Festival

Dakota Fanning showed her most glamorous and sparkling side in high heels at the premiere of the movie Brimstone during the 73rd Venice Film Festival.

Dakota is one of the underrated celebrities in Hollywood. Both as a talent and for her taste in fashion.

She showed that she shouldn’t be neglected. During the Venice Film Festival Dakota wowed in a superb glamorous dress.

She had chosen a long sequin dress with a metallic sparkle. She caused quite the stir as she looked incredible and the photographers raced to get as many pictures of her as they could.

The dress kept Dakota’s heels well hidden, but we did manage to get some occasional glimpses. We saw that she rocked a pair of very high platform high heels. She opted for them to give herself extra height and balance to manage the long dress.

Dakota rocked her hair in a stylish and long ponytail. She stuck to her style with minimal makeup and looked incredible. She was definitely the highlight of the event.

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