Dakota Fanning looks cute and charming in high heels in New York

Dakota Fanning is among the celebrities who love to experiment with very different looks. Usually she nails them. And this time she did just that again.

Actually, this was a few days ago, but hey.. holidays. Dakota was at the Holiday Celebration at The Line in New York.

She was among the most stylish guests. Dakota rocked a stylish full pink outfit. It featured a pink top, jacket and pants. All pink and with an elegant cut.

Dakota decided to team the pink outfit with dark purple high heels. They featured medium heigth heels, which were thicker to make walking easier. The shoes looked very elegant and complimented the outfit quite well.

Dakota completed her look with a nude colored leather handbag. She opted for minimalistic makeup look and kept her hair straight and long.

She looked very good, both cute and charming. We loved her look which was one of the best at the event. You can see that for yourselves in some of the pictures she took with other guests and celebs.

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