Danica McKellar and Katrina Bowden impress with elegant style at the Hallmark Channel All-Star Party

The Hallmark Channel All-Star Party at the TCA Winter Press Tour in Los Angeles gathered some great celebrities. Among them were Danica McKellar and Katrina Bowden who both impressed us with their simple and elegant style.

They both rocked great, elegant dresses which suited them quite a lot. It was also another great example how the simpler outfits can often bring out the best results.

Danica McKellar for example rocked a beautiful long metallic dress. It was with an asymmetric shoulder-line and a great fit all along the body.

The middle of the dress featured a wrapped knot for an extra elegant detail. The dress also had a split over the left leg making walking easier. It also allowed Danica to provide us with some modelling shots, as well.

She completed the elegant look with a pair of silver Louboutin high heels. They featured pointed toes and thin high heels without going too high.

Danica kept her hair in an elegant bun and opted for a dash of accenting makeup. That’s it. Very simple, yet very elegant and effective.

Katrina Bowden on the other hand opted for a more loose-fitting blue dress. It was a long dress with closed shoulders and a deep V-neck.

The dress featured a hug-me design and a layered split over the right leg. It was enough for Katrina to show off her footwear – ankle-strapped high heels with peep-toe design.

Katrina opted to keep her hair long, loose and pulled back. She also preferredĀ more accenting makeup with eyeliner and red lipstick. Also a very simple and classic motive, yet very elegant and memorable. Proof that simple fashion choices can be as effective as more complex outfits when done right.

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