Daredevil lady walks a high wire in pink high heels

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Think walking in high heels on cobbled pavement is tough? What about on a high wire above a big drop? Impossible? Not for a daredevil lady who just did it.

Faith Dickey is 26 years old and is from Austin, Texas. She took part in the Highgirls Brazil Festival and decided to pretty much make history by walking a highline in a pair of pink stilettos and in a flared summer dress.

“I prepared by walking the line in my usual style: barefoot. I did this to check the tension and enjoy and easy walk before making it much harder by wearing high heels It was my first time walking in Rio, and the view was beautiful. It is really spectacular to be above the entire city, the beach, and yet be so central while on a mountain. The exposure is breathtaking”, she says to Metro.

And if that is not enough, Faith says she plans on doing it again. She says her heels were too small and that made walking more difficult. “So the search for the perfect high heels continues”, she adds.

Faith did the walk at 840 meters above sea level. She had a thin security line attached to her and that was it, no balancing rod. “Everybody was so impressed by how Faith moved. She won the Brazilians over with her smile and how lightly she stepped over on the highline. I have never seen anything like it before – I’ve taken photos of highliners, but one wearing a pair of heels is completely different. Faith is very experienced at highlining, but even so she had to be extremely careful in her heels. She’s practiced using heels because as it takes a lot of skill to balance up there”, says Reginaldo Gomes who took the photographs.

Amazing, isn’t it? Also let us remind you about another woman who recently went surfing in high heels.

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