Demi Lovato and Bebe Rexha kicked off the new year in shiny style and boots

New Year’s Eve is a busy time for singers as they have lots of appearances to make. Both Demi Lovato and Bebe Rexha had quite the gigs and both opted for an impressive style. It featured glittering outfits and sky high heeled boots.

Both certainly kicked off the New Year with style. And it’s also a clear sing of the trends we might expect during 2018.

Or maybe it’s just stage outfits? Considering that both celebs rocked their outfits not only for their performances, but for the entire event, we feel it’s more than just for the stage.

So, first Demi Lovato. She was at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Demi rocked a fitted dark blue sequin catsuit. It was one with a generous V-neck and a wide black belt around the waist.

Demi teamed the glittering sequin outfit with a pair of suede, high heeled booties. They were with relatively thin heels and pointed toes. The booties reached to just about the ankles of Demi and looked good, without distracting from the main outfit.

Demi rocked her hair long and loose with a slightly curle style. She donned a few diamond rings and big earrings. A dash of accenting eyeliner and eyeshadows completed her look. She preferred to steer away from accenting lipstick and still looked incredible.

Bebe Rexha meanwhile was all the way across the US. She was at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest in LA. Bebe also rocked a sequin outfit, but in quite a different style.

She opted for a short copper-colored dress with long sleeves and a slouched neckline. Rexha’s dress was quite short though, barely reaching to the upper thigh.

Bebe also donned quite the footwear. She rocked a pair of beige suede thigh high boots. They were with thin heels and pointed toes and looked quite good. Bebe teamed the outfit with fishnet stockings and a confident look.

Rexha also kept her hair long and loose, but styled mostly backwards. She also rocked a pair of even bigger earrings. And she also opted for accented eyes with eyliner and shadows, but only lip gloss withouth color.

Both celebs looked qute good and knocked their performances out for the park. A fitting send off for 2017 and a great welcoming for 2018!

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