Demi Moore looks stunning in high heels and a long leather skirt in NY

Demi Moore continues to look stunning. She was among the guests at a Harper’s Bazaar event and wowed in a beautiful long leather skirt and high heels.

Demi looked simply stunning. It was a simple, but a very elegant and powerful outfit. One which Moore handled with a lot of confidence.

The main attraction, so to say, of Demi’s outfit was her long leather skirt. It featured a high waist, but also several asymmetrical flowing pieces.

The skirt also had a long leather belt. Demi looker particularly well in the skirt. She posed with confidence and looked great in it.

Also part of her outfit was a white shirt with lots of silvered belt-like holes on it. Demi also rocked a pair of classic Louboutin high heels. They were with pointy toes and spike heels.

She kept her hair long and loose, elegantly styled over the shoulder. Demi opted for accenting makeup, but not going over the top. The main attention of her look was definitely going to her skirt and heels, though. She really did rock them quite well.

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