Designer Christopher Dixon creates dual-heeled shoes

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Designer Christopher Dixon creates dual-heeled shoesShoe designer Christopher Dixon thinks he’s found a solution to making high heels more comfortable without compromising on their style. Enter the dual heels.

Speaking to Fast Company, Dixon says he got the idea for the double high heel after checking out the closet of tennis player superstar Serena Williams. “She was like, ‘Those hurt my feet, but I love them. And those hurt my feet too,'” he tells FC. “I started asking questions like, ‘Why do you wear shoes that hurt, especially as an athlete?’ I found out no one had solved this design problem of making comfortable high heels.”

That was seven years ago. Since then, Dixon has been working on his project and says this event was what inspired him to create stylish high heels that are comfortable. Now the collection is ready and it is called Christopher Coy Collection. It features “iconic dual heels providing comfort and stability for the fashion forward woman, rewarding women with the opportunity to look and feel beautiful throughout their entire day, experiencing true luxury,” according to the designer’s website.

The second heel will help with weight distribution and it will also give more balance. All of this should relieve some of the pressure on the arch of the foot and the toes which is where most often the pain forms because of high heels. The midsole features shock-absorbent and memory foam. This should make the shoes even more comfortable.

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The dual heel also allows for some clever new designs as you can see. All shoes are named after women since Dixon says “no two are alike”.

The collection will be in the shops from fall 2016. The shoes will cost between $425 and $1100 depending on the style and materials. And, yes, there will be dual-heeled boots, too! So you better start saving up if you like what you see.

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