Do you remember when Victoria Beckham said she won’t be wearing high heels anymore? Neither does she

A few months ago Victoria Beckham shocked the fashion world when she said she is hanging up her high heels. This doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

You can imagine why this was big news back then. Victoria Beckham has for years been one of the biggest fans of high heels.

She has even said that she thinks better when she rocks a pair of sky high shoes. Then, she said, being a working mom is not easy and heels get in the way. She also said she now feels better wearing sneakers and will retire her heels delegating them only for special occasions.

A few months later and things are definitely…. not really changed. Victoria continues to rock daring heels almost on a daily basis. Just a couple of days ago she even rocked two different pairs on the same day!

That’s a whole lot of special occasions! PopSugar notes that she has even taught her daughter Harper Seven to master running in high heels.

And about those special occasions? Well at a recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Victoria said she recently was at a parent-child sports day at her children’s school. At one point parents were asked to race each other, but… Victoria said she was wearing high heels. At a sports day. At school.

So it seems her love for high heels isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. No matter how much she would want us to think so. We, for one, are happy about that.

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