Doctor corrects hammer toes with implants

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Doctor corrects hammer toes with implants

Doctor corrects hammer toes with implantsHammer toes are a painful condition to feet that can prevent you from wearing high heels. A doctor is saying he has implants that can cure the problem.

Hammer toes usually form on the first knuckle. The head of this bone is prominent and is hitting and rubbing against the shoe causing pain. Studies show that between 10 to 20 percent of Americans suffer from hammer toes.

The condition is especially troublesome for ladies who wear high heels. Traditional methods for treating the problem are not always effective enough. Some doctors say toe pads, coristone shots and anti-inflammatory drugs can bring releief but usually it is temporary and in the end a surgery is needed.

Traditionally there would be special wire pins that are stuck trough the bones and removed after surgery. A procedure that podiatrist doctor Robert Moore describes as “medieval”.

He has developed a new procedure that uses implants that permanently straighten the joint. “These are made out of cortical bone and the 10 fuse actually stays in the bone marrow keeps the toes straight but being no metallic will eventually incorporate in the bone and will not have to be removed,” Moore says to 7News.

The recovery time is half of the traditional surgery. “The pain is gone I’m able to wear heels now but I’m still trying to take it easy so I ensure recovery time is sped up,” says Cindy Palos who is one of the recent patients undergone the procedure. Moore adds that because hammertoe is not just an aesthetic problem, the surgical correction is often covered by insurance.

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