Doctor says it’s a myth high heels are bad for you

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Doctor says it's a myth high heels are bad for you
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Paul Greenberg who is a podiatric surgeon says it’s a myth high heels are bad for you. Actually it all depends on what you do and what heels you pick.

Recently dr. Greenberg has been speaking with Business Insider. He is working at Mount Sinai Hospital and Belvedere Podiatry Group. “It’s a myth that high heels are bad for your feet”, he says.

He says high heels are part of the dress code for many jobs. Sometimes that is openly said, other times it is an unwritten rule. A corporate executive in New York City for example won’t even put on a pair of hiking boots or athletic shoes. She will hear high heels and that’s OK, says dr. Greenberg.

So Greenberg has other tips. He says that wearing high heels can actually help with certain foot issues. He actually recommends to always pick high heels instead of flats.

“When somebody uses a completely flat shoe, the foot collapses down, the arch collapses down, you stretch the muscles, the tendons, the ligaments, and they develop symptoms. So I tell them an ideal shoe is an inch to an inch-and-a-half heel – even a two inch heel is fine” the doctor says.

The right height for the shoes is down to own preferences, he adds. If you often wear 3 or 4 inch heels and you are comfortable with that, there is no reason to worry, Greenberg says.

What really matters though is the type of shoe you will pick. For example always pick high heels with strong soles. The soles must be rigid. A very flexible shoe will bend under your fee, making it harder to walk and easier to trip. It will also require more effort to balance and will exhaust your feet. Platforms are great for that, Greenberg adds.

He also says that high heels and shoes in general should fit you good from the start. Don’t think that they will break in as time goes by and become more comfortable. If they aren’t already comfortable enough, they won’t become such.

Also don’t neglect proper care for your feet. This includes working out a little. If you wear high heels all the time, when you are older, your calf muscles can contract a bit. To prevent that you should do regular calf stretches after a long day. Do it often and you will be fine.

Going by these simple tips you will ensure that high heels are not bad for you and actually the opposite. You will feel great.

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