Dreamkiss Unicorn High Heels conquer the Internet by storm

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The Internet loves two things – cats and unicorns. As you can imagine, unicorn high heels would have quite the effect over the people of the Internet.

The Dreamkiss Unicorn high heels come by the British shoe brand Irregular Choice. They launched a line of unicorn-themed shoes, including flats, wedges, sneakers and high heels.

Naturally, the high heels gathered the most attention. And they are the most unicorn-like. The shoe has a unicorn head at the toes and with a horn, of course.

At the back, there’s a colorful unicorn tail. The shoes are made out of metallic PU layered with several colors.

The heels themselves are cone-shaped and thick. This will make them easier to walk in. They are 9.6 cm high which is sensible enough.

There are sizes from 37 to 41. The 36, 39 and 42 sizes have already been sold out! But if the Dreamkiss unicorn high heels prove to be popular enough, you can be sure there will be more sizes to come. Talk about walking on clouds and in fairytales. The Dreamkiss unicorn high heels can pretty much make it a reality.

Granted, you won’t see them at formal events, but they can be a funky choice for parties. And for when you simply want to feel some fairytale energy.


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