Eight fashion lessons from Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is one of the most famous fashion icons of our time. She has proven she knows how to dress properly. Here’re her fashion lessons.

InStyle has gathered the eight fashion lessons you could and should learn from Victoria Beckham. She has managed to keep her style on point for quite a few years now and is always looking great and turns heads everywhere she goes.

As InStyle points out, it doesn’t matter where Victoria is heading. It may be a red carpet event, a big cultural conference or simply out for a walk. You can be sure the will be looking great. Plus, she’s one of the biggest fans of high heels out there even if she has toned them down a little lately. Still, here are the eight fashion lessons you should know from Victoria Beckham.

The first lesson is about balancing the outfit. This means keeping precise proportions in matching the pieces so that you achieve the look you aim. For example platform booties plus fitted knee length coat and straight pants to create that elongated towering look.

Another lesson is not to be afraid of long skirts. Some think they are for when you are old or don’t have a nice body. Victoria is far from both, yet she often wears long skirts and looks absolutely fabulous and very feminine in them. The trick is the proper pairing. For example matching midi-length fluted skirt with midi boots and a matching fitted turtleneck. Great stuff.

The third lesson is how to pull of a head-to-toe outfit in the same color. And it is to stick to classic silhouettes. Sleek dresses or pants and top in the same color, without going too crazy with the fitment is the way to go.

Number four is important. Usually there are several fashion trends going strong at the same time. It can be tempting to try them out in one outfit which could be a disaster and not “trendy” at all. The trick is to try one trend at a time. For example carwash pleated skirt or a dress – great wear it but stick to classics for the top for example. And don’t go too overboard with the high heels, although it is all right for them to be a little more stylish.

The fifth lesson is about how to have a great casual look, that is also attractive. Victoria does it by always adding something stylish to an overall casual outfit. For example jeans paired with high heeled boots and a crisp white blouse.

Victoria is not afraid from wearing menswear too. She gives it a feminine touch with gentle shoes, clutch bag and a coat.

She is also a big fan of flared pants. They give an extra elongated look and can look both stylish and sexy. They are worth trying out.

Love bright colors? Victoria loves them too. But she also knows that sometimes they can be too bright so they have to be toned down a little. She does that by adding a checked coat and a plain shirt to a pair of bright red pants for example. The trick is to experiment and not be afraid, but be confident.

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