Elizabeth Hurley shows off some stunning high heels while in London

Elizabeth Hurley might not be among the most active celebrities, but when she does appear, you will remember it. For example, her stunning look last week.

Elizabeth was at her home in London on the eve of her 52-nd birthday. She was as stunning as ever by rocking a superb outfit which was her idea of casual, but stylish look.

Needless to say, we’re most impressed with it. So much that almost a week later we’re still thinking about it. So, why not share it?

Elizabeth appeared in an elegant orange dress with a knitted-like design. The dress was sleeveless and short, accenting Elizabeth’s forms.

She also opted for a pair of stunning nude colored high heels. They featured thin straps and the heels themselves were golden and very thin.

Despite that, Elizabeth had no problems handling them on the rough pavement. She carried with her two shopping bags and looked ready for the day.

Elizabeth completed her look with a pair of aviator sunglasses and left her hair loose in the wind. Looking stunning as always.

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