Elizabeth Olsen stuns in a daring leather dress and high heels the UK Fan Event for ‘Avengers Infinity War’

Elizabeth Olsen gave us a tutorial on how to steal the show. She was at the the UK Fan Event for ‘Avengers Infinity War’ at Television Studios White City a few days ago. And she made sure we will all remember her for a very long time thanks to her stunning outfit.

Elizabeth usually prefers a more casual style. And a more simplistic style when she is more formal. But she can also pick quite the provocative outfits, too.

Elizabeth beamed with happiness and a huge smile at the event. She seemed very glad to meet the fans and did so while looking like like a million bucks. Maybe even like two million bucks.

Yes, she was that stunning. Elizabeth employed the best strategy – your personal style and taste along with accenting and daring styles.

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The end result is quite impressive. Elizabeth rocked a fitted and daring green leather dress. It featured wide shoulders with long sleeves which were loose at the top half.

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The rest of the dress was fitted along the body and also quite revealing. It featured a deep V-neck and a hug-me style with an elegant bow at the waist.

The skirt of the dress was short and with asymmetric ends. The overall dress accented Elizabeth’s stunning appearance.

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She rocked a pair of classic elegant black pumps to go with the dress. The shoes featured elegant thin high heels and further accented Elizabeth’s legs which even supermodels could envy.

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Elizabeth rocked her hair loos and long, but pulled to the back in a simple ponytail. She opted for a dash of accenting makeup.

But most importantly, Elizabeth’s smile. It was so captivating we still can’t stop looking at her. It’s shows that no matter the fashion, the outfit and the shoes, what really matters is the energy and the smile. So, smile more and you will make every outfit look stunning on you!

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