Elle Fanning wows in platform high heels during the Cannes Film Festival

Elle Fanning brought the streets of Cannes to a halt when she appeared for a quick beach photoshoot. She wowed in a short summer dress and platform heels.

The 2017 Cannes Film Festival is just kicking off. It means there will be around 10 days of non-stop stunning celebrity sightings.

Of course, most of them will be at the big events and parties which are a bit later. Even so, there are already some stunning outfits.

Elle’s first outing shows just that. Fanning popped off to the beach to do a quick photoshoot (and a few selfies, of course) and wowed us in the process.

She opted for a stylish blue summer dress. It had a classic pleated fit and reached to about her mid thighs.

Elle teamed the dress with a pair of daring platform high heels. They featured thick platforms and matching 60s style chunky heels. A peep-toe design and golden straps completed the heels.

Elle rocked her blond hair long and loose and opted for a pair of big red sunglasses to add to her style. Other than that she seemed to rock minimal makeup and looked quite well.

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