Ellie Goulding is launching her own shoe line

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Ellie Goulding has been quite busy. The British pop star announced she is launching her own shoe line. Of course, it will feature high heels, too.

Ellie has teamed up with the German label Deichmann to create her shoe range. We say “shoe range” as it will be quite extensive, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

“For me, shoes are an indication of what mood you are in. Launching a collection of my own gives me the opportunity to express my style,” Ellie says of her new venture.

So, Ellie’s shoe line is quite extensive. “My collection includes shoes for any occasion. I really can’t decide if I like wearing heels or flats better. I am constantly changing it up.”

The line will carry the name “Ellie Goulding for Deichmann”. It was inspired by the motto “Rock your Look” and will hit retailers from March. Prices in the U.K. range from $22 (£17.99) to $37 (£29.99), so they won’t break your bank.

Ellie has an attractive advertising campaign set up, featuring lots of artistic shots, leather and various shoes. Among them are stylish strapped high heels, wedges and other shoes.

Deichmann adds Ellie Goulding to the list of celebrities with whom they have worked with to make their shoe collections. Among them are Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford and the Sugababes.

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