Elsa Hosk looks superbly elegant in pleather pants and booties in NY

Elsa Hosk is getting more and more popular. With that, she’s upping her fashion game quite a bit and impresses with elegant and stylish outfits.

Elsa was at The Tick premiere in New York a couple of days ago. She impressed in a superbly elegant outfit which looked modern and chic.

Elsa’s outfit was so elegant it worked great for a movie premiere, but it would also work for a lot of other occasions. And it would even work great on a simple out and about.

The outfit was simple and powerful. Elsa rocked a loose fitting white shirt with long sleeves. She tucked the shirt into a pair of fitted, high-waist pleather pants.

On top of them Elsa added a golden chain to act as a belt. She completed her look with a pair of slouched high heel booties. The boots were suede and had thick heels with pointed toes.

Elsa completed her look with a classic black leather cap and a matching purse. She went for an almost no-makeup look and kept her hair loose.

Elsa also opted not to wear additional jewels. Her look was quite complete and she was very confident in it. It was definitely a great outfit, no doubt about that.

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