Embellished high heels are becoming a new trend

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Embellished high heels are becoming a new trend
Casadei Fartech embellished high heel | Image credit: Casadei

Embellished high heels are slowly becoming a new trend. More and more designers are making shoes with crystals, jewels and other fancy things on the heels.

The trend is popping up mainly on high-end designer for now. They are going full force with their embellished high heels, FootwearNews reports. We are not talking about a stone here or there. We are talking about dozens of small rocks covering the heel sometimes even making it look like it is made entirely out of them.

The tricky goal is to balance it so it looks tasteful and not too flashy and overdone. In most cases it seems to be working out rather well, we think. We rarely like high heels with added things on them, but in this case there are quite a few pairs that look quite… glamorous and we are all about glamorous heels here.

Dolce & Gabbana and Rochas offered modified takes on the Mary Jane pump, using oversized gems on the heels. Their choices are more striking and obvious.

Gucci and Casadei on the other hand, went for a more discrete and stylish look. We like that very much. The high heels you see above is by Casadei and looks great in our opinion. The small crystals will make just enough sparkly details when you walk in those babies.

But the embellished heels, which can be seen on boots, booties, platforms, stilettos, wedges and you name it, are not to be used for a daily casual outfit. Well, maybe on a wedge it *could* work. It is best to reserve the embellished heels for a stylish night out with a little black dress, a glamorous evening gown and the likes. Then you will look and feel like a million buck in a pair of those sparkling beauties. Look for them in the stores already with the biggest wave coming in in the fall.

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