Emily Ratajkowski looks dazzling in a tiny red dress and sky high heels

Emily Ratajkowski is back on her top form. She was at the Marie Claire Celebrates ‘Fresh Faces’ event in Los Angeles and wowed in a tiny red dress and heels.

Emily was among the many guests at the event, but she certainly stood out. Dare we say she was one of our most favorite celebrities at the event?

We dare say it. And we have the proof to do so!

Emily rocked a stunning short red dress. The dress was leather-like and featured many ties and knots to make it look as if it was cobbled together by several pieces.

The tight fit accented Emily’s supermodel body which looked even more toned. The short¬†dress drew attention to Emily’s legs, too. She had propped them up on a pair of suede ankle-strapped high heels.

The heels were a nice match to the dress, added the extra confidence and provocativeness to Emily’s look and she handled them with ease. She was oozing confidence and took some time to pose for pictures during the red carpet.

Needless to say, the photographers were more than happy about that. As are we.

Emily kept her hair long and loose. This is the hairstyle we think suits her the most, so we are happy to see it once again. Emily completed her look with a dash of eyeliner and accenting makeup. The end result is dazzling and stunning.

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