Emily Ratajkowski rocks New York street style in boots

Emily Ratajkowski has a great fashion taste and style. She proved this once again by rocking a great street style in boots in New York.

As we’ve often said, it’s quite difficult to pull off a mixed look of both casual and stylish elegance. Emily managed to do just that though.

Emily was out and about in New York and caused quite the stir after she got out of a taxi. She was rocking a great outfit showcasing her own taste and style quite well.

Emily was wearing a long black blazer coat which she then dropped beneath her shoulders. She was also wearing a crop top, teamed with a long mermaid-style black and white skirt.

To complete her look, Emily opted for a pair of stylish black suede boots. They featured pointy toes and thin high heels. The skirt kept most of the boots hidden, so we don’t know how high were they. Probably at least knee high.

Emily added a small handbag and big sunglasses to complete her look. A dash of lip gloss and some earrings added to her stylish everyday look. A simple outfit, yet very effective. Good job from Emily.

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