Emily Ratajkowski wows in a black dress and thigh boots at the Met Gala after party

The 2017 Met Gala was quite the event. A lot of celebrities wowed with their stunning outfits. And then there was the after party to be even more glamorous.

While the main event was formal, the after party allowed the celebrities to be more free in their fashion choices.

Emily Ratajkowski took full advantage of this. She opted for a simple, but very effective outfit featuring a black dress and thigh boots.

Emily’s dress was well fitted and long. But it also had a wide split over her left leg and slouched shoulders. So, the dress looked elegant and modern.

To add a little extra fire to her look, Emily opted for a pair o f black leather thigh high boots. They had classic thin spike heels and pointy toes.

And while the boots were attractive enough, Emily felt they need even more attention. So they also had two very long belts with big buckles at the top. They were a bit too long for our liking if we’re honest, but that maybe was the whole goal.

On the whole though, they added to Emily’s look. She finished it off by keeping her hair loose and adding accenting makeup with a dash of eyeliner. So, the end result was quite impressive.

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