Emily Ratajkowski wows in a metallic dress and high heels in Paris

Emily Ratajkowski is back in the fashion spotlight. It feels like it’s been a while since she’s last been here. And does she make up for it!

Emily Ratajkowski is known for her brave style. She can be very daring and sometimes this draws criticism towards her.

But she can also be very elegant. She’s now in Paris for the 2017 Autumn Winter Fashion Week and enjoys the classic Paris restaurants.

A couple of days ago Emily was at the Lapérouse restaurant to attend the ‘V Magazine’ party. She wowed with her elegant outfit.

The main attraction was her long dress which looked almost like a knight mesh. In fact, it was silver, metallic fabric which looked very well on Emily.

She teamed the stylish dress with a pair of ankle-strapped high heels with a dash of sparkle on them. They completed the dress well, without drawing attention away from it.

Emily completed her look by keeping her hair long and loose. She added a dash of green-ish sparkling eyeshadows and nude lipstick. A simple, yet elegant look. Nicely done.

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