Emily Ratajkowski wows in two vastly different outfits and high heels in one day

Emily Ratajkowski continues to impress with her fashion style. She’s as brave as ever, not shying away from the daring and even unusual looks.

A couple of days ago she had a busy day. Emily wowed in two vastly different outfits and styles during the day.

It all started earlier with Emily’s idea for a casual, sporty outfit. It all started with a cropped T-Shirt and a pair of sporty sweatpants.

This outfit drew all the attention to Emily’s toned abs and tiny waist. But that wasn’t enough for Emily. So’ she added a pair of white high heeled booties to her outfit.

The booties had long pointed toes and about 4-5 inch tall heels. She handled them with ease.

Emily completed her look with a purse and elegant sunglasses. She kept her hair loose and looked quite confident.

Later in the day Emily was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. For this she changed into something more elegant, but equally provocative.

This time Emily opted for a light pink outfit. It featured a pink cropped business-like jacket without sleeves. She teamed the jacket with a long pink dress which had a daring slit at the front.

Emily paired the elegant, but provocative look with matching pink shoes. They had a crossed double ankle strap along with a slightly thicker sole and thin very high heels.

Emily again opted to keep her hair loose. She added a dash of accenting makeup to complete her look.

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