Emma Roberts is smoking in a black dress and high heels Manhattan

Emma Roberts has always had an unique style. She showed it in full force in Manhattan when she wowed in a stunning black dress and high heels.

Emma looked absolutely stunning. So stunning, you would think she was doing a photoshoot. Actually, she wasn’t.

In fact, she took a smoke break. And she looked incredible while doing so.

Emma rocked a stunning fitted black dress. It featured added details of small pictures of planets, mostly Saturn and the Moon. Unusual, for sure, but also quite great looking.

The dress featured several cutouts and long ties on the sides to keep it together. Emma looked quite great in it.

She teamed the dress with a pair of elegant high heels. They had quite high heels and no support or straps at her own heels. That meant they relied only on the front and middle straps which was probably a bit of a challenge to wear.

Even so, it didn’t seem to trouble Emma at all. She looked comfortable and confident.

She opted to keep her hair long and styled. A dash of accenting makeup and lipstick completed her stunning look. Simple, yet very effective.

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