Emma Roberts looks great out and about in OTK boots and leggings

Emma Roberts showed us once again she knows how to dress. Even when she’s simply out and about on a casual day. She wowed in superb boots and leggings.

Emma went shopping in West Hollywood. And she dressed up comfortably, but also very elegantly.

Roberts opted for a loose fitting cream sweater with wide sleeves. The sweater kept her warm and comfy and looked quite well on her.

She added a little edge to her look with a pair of leggings tucked into OTK boots. The boots were brown swede with chunky heels.

They looked very elegant and matched the rest of Emma’s outfit beautifully. The boots had a snug fit and were over-the-knee style, although you could argue they are almost proper thigh high boots, too.

Emma completed her look with a small black handbag and wide sunglasses. She kept her hair in a bun and opted fro minimal makeup.

Roberts looked calm and confident. She completed her shopping with a new purchase and headed home.

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