Eva Green stuns in a long… green dress and elegant high heels in Rome

Eva Green rarely makes big public appearances, but when she does, we all remember it. Just like she did at the recent BVLGARI event in Rome.

Eva was at the BVLGARI Dinner & Party at Stadio dei Marmi in Rome. She wowed in a stunning long dress and heels.

Eva rocked a, ahem, green dress. And it was quite the dress. Fully closed at the top with a turtleneck style and long sleeves.

The dress had a tight fit all along the body and reached to the ground. Eva’s dress had a high split over the left leg which made walking easier and also added several provocativeness points.

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Eva teamed the elegant dress with a pair of classic ankle-strapped high heels. The shoes were simple and discrete with medium height heels and elegant straps.

It was obvious that the main goal was to keep the style toned down, but also make it elegant and eye-grabbing. Goal achieved, we say.

Eva left her hair loose in an elegant, classic hairstyle. A dash of accenting red lipstick and a big necklace were the final touches to her stunning look. A very stunning and effective look, we might add.

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