Eva Longoria shows off her new look in a stunning photoshoot in LA

Eva Longoria has a new, curvy look which she’s quite proud of. She wowed LA when she showed off that look during a stunning photoshoot in high heels.

Eva did the photoshoot outside the MILK Studios in Hollywood. She rocked a leopard-print swimsuit and a white jacket.

Eva also rocked a pair of strapped high heels. She posed for a lot of photos, slightly changing her hairstyle. Needless to say, the look of Eva drew quite a lot of attention.

So much, she made the news. The new look of Eva is definitely impressive. She rocked it with confidence and looked great.

It’s also quite a departure from her look from a few years ago. Here she is in a photoshoot for GQ Mexico she made back in 2009.

Also an impressive look.

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