Exercise combats potential damages from high heels, say scientists

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We’ve said it many times before, but a word from scientists should hold more weight. Exercise your feet and damages from high heels are reduced. So let’s check out what are the risks and a few more exercises.

Women who wear four inch or taller high heels three times a week or more will strengthen two of the four main muscles in the first one to three years, researchers from Hanseo University in South Korea say to the International Journal of Clinical Practice.

“Eventually, major accidents such as falls and serious ankle sprains can result without proper maintenance and conditioning. It is important for wearers of high heels to perform ankle-strengthening exercises”, dr. Yong-Seok Jee says.

What this means is that if you wear very high heels, very often for a very long period of time, you will develop an imballance in your feet muscles as two will become stronger and other two will become weaker. This will set up the stage for foot injuries and other foot-related issues, researchers say.

So what can you do? First, as we’ve said before, mix and match your shoes. Don’t wear killer heels all the time. Wear shoes of variable height. Don’t wear just one type of shoe. We have a friend who suffered a swollen part of the ball of his foot from wearing only sneakers ALL the time. Mix and match. It’s really important.

Next, equally important, is to do regular exercise. Both on your entire body, but have some special attention to your feet if you do wear high heels a lot.

The scientists have some tips for you. One great exercise is toe tapping. Sit on a chair and place your bare feet on the ground. Start lifting the front part of your foot up while leaving the heels on the ground. Repeat a few times, then rest a little and repeat again.

Another exercise doctors recommend is towel scrunches. This one involves the same setup as above – sit on a chair and place your bare feet on the floor. But have a towel spread under your feet. Now grab the towel with your toe fingers and then release by straightening the towel. Repeat a few times, rest a little and repeat again.

These two exercises are a great start. But don’t limit yourself just to them. We have a whole training set for you right here. Then, after a long day, spare some time to take good and proper care of your feet. This way you will feel great and the risk of high heel related problems would be reduced quite a lot.

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