Experts give tips how to make the holiday events in high heels less painful

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The holidays are coming and they mean one thing – lots of parties and events where you will stand around in high heels for hours. That could be painful.

But it also can be somewhat comfortable, if you know what you are doing and follow a few simple tips that a few experts have given to CBS. “It’s excruciating, you know if you go to a wedding and then you realize ‘oh gosh I shouldn’t have worn these shoes,’” Christine Guimaraes told CBS2’s Cindy Hsu.

“All that squishing can cause bunions, and it can cause metatarsal pain or pain in the toes and pain in the ball of the foot,” Dr. Nadya Swedan explained. She says gel insoles for the shoes give a little bit more cushion and ease the strain. The YogaToes Gems on the other hand stretch and separate the toes which helps for the recovery of the feet after a long day, You can put the YogaToes when you are relaxing at home.

“You can see how wide my foot just got, bunions push you this way and then this is opening it up, which is a really nice thing,” she explained.

Also get a foot rocker. It helps decrease the swelling in the foot and relaxes the calf muscles. It also strengthens them which makes it easier to walk in high heels. A massage ball is also a nice way to relieve pain, Swedan says. A bottle with ridges which is filled with cold water is also a good thing to roll under your foot to ease the strain.

Naturally, Swedan also reminds that it is best to take frequent breaks and take a sit every once in a while for 10 or so minutes. This will help you maintain your feet in good condition for longer with much less pain. Also here are some more tips to ease the pain from high heels and make wearing them much more comfortable.

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