Fall 2014 boots trends

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It’s probably no big surprise that fashion trends tend to shift completely from one thing onto the near opposite. The fall 2014 boots trends also follow this way of thinking and will be quite different from last year.

In 2013 for example thigh high boots with high heels were quite popular. They were worn daily and we will admit they looked great. So great we’re a bit sad to see them take a bit of a back seat this year to other types of boots and mainly different high heels. But enough chit-chat, here are the

Fall 2014 boots trends

Booties will be the rage this year. Most of the types of boots you will see in the stores this year will be short in every sense of the word. Even their heels will be relatively low and mostly chunky.


Moto booties and combat booties will be one of the more popular types in fall 2014 boots trends. They will be followed by booties with jewels on them, graphics, laes and etc. Even embroidered booties, which were seen as weird a few years back, will now be in style. Their prices though will be a bit high as you can see.embroided-bootiesIf you do prefer high and thin heels of course you will still have options. Killer heels will always be in style in some form. This year they come mainly in bright colors, with graphics or other bits and bobs on them.

christianlouboutin-sokatebooty-1140843_O009_40_1200x1200And in case you do want high boots, then you will have to settle for a more country look. This year over the knee boots will come mainly in low chunky heels, suede and laces.

otk-bootsBraver styles will also be accepted in fall 2014 boots trends. For example booties with fur, lots of zippers, buckes, extra ankle straps and even metallic looks and glitter.

glitter-bootiesOf course you will stil be able to find OTK boots with thin high heels. It will take you more time though and they will mostly come in suede and probably with extra design features.

otk-high-bootsAs for booties with proper high heels, they will also come in various animal prints.

animal-print-bootiesWhat is the style you most like from the 2014 fall boots trends? Or will you be sticking to the classics?

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