Fall/Winter 2014 High Heels Trends

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The Fall/Winter 2014 high heels trends are in. Most of them are even finding their ways to the shops in an effort to actually find out whether they would be liked by the people or not.

We will be the first to say that the Fall/Winter 2014 high heels trends are not what you would call restrained. Quite the opposite. It seems the gloves are off and everybody are going for the most extravagant high heels they can imagine.

Top Fall/Winter 2014 high heels trends

Good thing is the variety is going to be really huge, so everybody will be able to find what they are looking for. Even though there will still be all types of high heels available the most predominant this year will be the thick block heels. In most cases they will be thick and straight usually acompanied by a platform at the toes.

These are just to give you an idea of what to expect heel-wise. Spike heels will be a close second maybe even first in some markets where they are traditionaly more liked. There will also be some more extreme variants like screws and so on but they will be rare. As for colors and materials it’s the usual – suede, leather, black, brown, red. Usualy most of the ankle and feet will be covered in various shapes.

Another trend will be straps and buckles. They will also come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some shoes will tend to go a little bit overboard with their straps and buckles, but we think more modest use of them will be more effective.

Platforms and wedges will be with us this fall and winter too. This time though they will try to stand out by being even more crazy. Wedges won’t just be solid colored blocks but will have carved figures and patterns. Some will encorporate “waves” by being thicker and thinner at different parts.

Shoes with sparkling elements, beads, jewels and other bits and pieces on them will also be quite popular. Almost all of the leading makers have at least a couple of models like that.

Following the general Fall/Winter 2014 high heels trends boots will also be a little weirder. Some of them won’t be the traditional boots but they will have asymmetrical shafts with cuts on the sides here and there.

Taller boots will also take a cue from wedges and will try to be more creative with their shafts in various colors, shapes, patterns. Main textures will be snakeskin, crocodile, glitter. Creativity will be at the top of all high heels no matter the shoe type. It’s a trend that first tried its luck in 2012 but didn’t really take off and now will be givin another shot.

Don’t really fancy the Fall/Winter 2014 high heels trends? Don’t worry as classic beauties like these one below will also be trendy as always. And you can’t really go wrong with a pair of these:


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