Female designers on empowering and inspiring women with their shoes

Female designers on empowering and inspiring women with their shoes
Image credit: Charlotte Olympia

Fall 2016 will have a special focus on distinctive and empowering shoes for women, created by women. Some of the best female designers talk about this.

Even if high heels continue to get shamed by the press (stop it, please), they continue to be one of the most popular types of shoes ever. Female designers also love to create new high heels among all other types of shoes. This upcoming season shapes up to be quite interesting.

Some of the most famous female designers have been asked by FootwearNews about their personal thoughts on their favorite shoes. They also talk about how shoes empower women.

Chalotte Olympia Dellal for example says: “I love to create shoes that are beautiful both on and off the foot. Being a female designer allows me to try on every pair to make sure you can walk in them, dance in them, and if necessary, even run in them!”

High heels are not your thing? “The Carla shoes speaks to a very specific woman,” says designer Sarah Flint. “A woman who wants to be noticed, a woman who appreciates the finer things, a woman who does not have to wear sky-high heels to feel sexy.”

Chloe Gosselin on the other hand is very pro-high-heels. “To me, high heels are by nature an object of empowerment,” she said. “They change the way you stand and walk and give you that extra confidence.” And you feel and think, we would add.

Valentina Carrano writes: “It’s all about balance! A creative today must be a visionary in design and business… As a female designer, businesswoman and mother I naturally identify with the many roles that women play and my collections are a reflection of my personal experience”, she adds. Judging by the super golden high heeled lace-up booties she shoes off, she does have quite interesting experiences.

“Successful design is about celebrating the empowering of all women in the process. From the hands that create the shoes to the women who wears them”, says Aurora James. She showed off a super knee high furry pair of high heeled boots.

“… The walk is confident, audacious, yet feminine…”, adds Alessandra Lanvin, creator of the Aperlai ankle boots with zig-zag high heels.

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