Fergie says she gets into “sensual mode” when she wears high heels

Add Fergie in the club of high heel loving celebrities. The famous singer said in an interview that she gets into “sensual mode” when she wears high heels.

Fergie has had her own shoe label since 2008 so she knows a thing or two about high heels and shoes in general. In an interview for PeopleStyle she reveals what got her into design, her favorite shoes and the feeling she gets when she rocks her high heels.

She says that her favorite elements that form a signature Fergie shoe are metal embellishments. She also is adamant that her collection must have diverse styles. “We’ve kind of brought everything to where it all is cohesive, yet each shoe has its own personality and its own character. It’s almost like making an album and all of my different songs, they all go together because it’s authentically me, but they each have something — a different style. I like that a girl can explore different sides of her personality because every girl does have a signature style but you might have a bunch of different looks you want to try”, she says.

Becoming a mother has changed Fergie’s style a bit, she admits. Her heels are now lower, because “it’s not possible to be in stilettos all the time when you’re running after a 2-year-old”, she says. “But it’s actually more special now when I put on a heel. It gets me into sensual mode if you will”, she adds.

And if you need any further proof, that Fergie is a shoe addict, look no further. She says she’s trying to purge her collection from time to time. Yet, she also adds the following: “Well I have, I don’t know … 300 pairs. I have a shoe closet, but in my closet I have a separate closet that is only my Fergie footwear shoe closet, that I designed. One day I’ll do a photo-shoot of it. I’m super proud of it.” We sure can’t wait for that photoshoot.

What Fergie says about boots: “Hmm…I’m kind of a thigh-high girl. Just a little more naughty.” How she would style them: “More recently, I’ve been pairing them with kind of a baggier T-shirt or blouse.”

And finally, she shares her biggest red carpet shoe horror story: ““Yeah, I had a performance at the Brit Awards. We were performing “Shut Up,” it was a Peas performance, and I had a Jimmy Choo shoe and it was one of the ones that you have a strap that you tie around your ankle — I had it tied super tight so that my ankle would be sturdy. Well the second I walked out on stage I stomped, because I’m really hitting it — and it ripped. Beginning of a song. So I had to just walk around with my ankle just locked the entire performance, and I went on autopilot. It didn’t fall off, thank the Lord.”

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