Fill your wardrobe with the trendiest outfits of spring 2015

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Fill your wardrobe with the trendiest outfits of spring 2015
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The winter season is almost over ladies and it is time to fill your wardrobe with the latest outfits for spring! If winter season did not go well for you in terms of fashion choices, then here is a chance to show your inner fashion model by getting ready for spring.

Listed below are some spring 2015 essentials for you if you want to look trendy and chic. Read some upcoming spring 2015 trends and prepare your attire accordingly!

The 70’s are back!

The 70’s are back with a bang! Flares and fringes are what you will see as a major trend in spring 2015.

The jackets will be again fitted as will be the pants up till the knee that is, below the knee flares are back! Do not go full flare as that is too 70’s, just add a bit of retro tailoring to your wardrobe, a little width to your pants, and you are ready to go!

Fringes too are coming back as a major fashion trend with many designers incorporating fringes in their new collection of dresses, jackets and even skirts.

Even rock n’ roll is back! Yes, ladies, this spring you can bring out those rock n’ roll costumes and have a little fun with your attire.

So, ladies, it is time to take a trip back to the 70’s, set your Instagram filters to 1977 and make your spring season the most trendiest one so far!

Bold stripes and colors:

Spring is a season of color, so bold yellow prints are totally in! Dresses with yellow flowers, abstract artsy yellow prints, patchwork with bold yellow embellishments were seen in the collection of many designers’ spring collection.

Ah! Stripes are back too! Striped jumpsuits, dresses, skirts and jackets are the new in of spring 2015. If you do not have one, it is time to go out and buy a bold multi colored striped dress. This does not mean that bigger the better, rather the designers are mostly playing with the positioning of stripes in outfits, so keep this tip in mind.


Gingham is not a new trend, but in their spring 2015 collections, designers are presenting this picnic tablecloth inspired trend in a new and chic way. This print is to make a statement this year with a big come back as you will see dresses, skirts and shirts made from multi colored gingham, big patterned gingham and sexy dress style gingham.

Do not be left behind on this trend and stock your wardrobe with at least one of this print’s dresses or skirts.


That is right! Army inspired jackets and dresses are very in vogue this spring. Anoraks are one of the hottest new trends in spring 2015. So, do not miss out any of the fun and buy one of the army inspired anoraks well ahead of time and be prepared for spring.

So what are you ladies waiting for? Time to fill your wardrobe with the trendiest outfits of spring 2015! And don’t miss on the trendiest high heels for spring 2015 too!

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