Five celebrities who love high heels

We know there are many celebrities that wear high heels for special events. But there are some celebs that love high heels and wear them all the time. They are true fans of heels and don’t wear them simply because the have to.

You can see them in high heels almost at all times. One such celebrity is Blake Lively. She loves high heels so much she actually spent her entire pregnancy wearing such shoes despite what doctors and people were saying.

Blake had a very simple explanation. She saidshe loves high heels and feels comfortable on them. “IĀ feel good when I hear high heels. I become more sexy, more attractive”, Blake said to People Magazine. So seeing her like this was and a common sight. Lovely.

Reese Witherspoon is another famous celebrity that loves high heels a lot. She also can almost always be seen wearing really high heels.

Nicole Scherzinger can also be seen in various designer high heels all the time. Nicole is also a fan of over-the-knee boots and often wears them both for events and in her free time. You can often see Nicole trying out various designer heels and designs as she likes to look different.

Another famous singer that often wears heels is Rihanna. It seems she developed the love for high heels as the years went by. At first she was more of a fan of sneaker and low shoes. But these days you can almost always see her mostly wearing high heels.

Usually from various designers that offer both a mix between sexy classic heels and some with more unusual shapes. Rihanna also seems a fan of heels with ankle straps which are one of her most often choices.

It seems singers are amongst the biggest fans of high heels. The young Ariana Grande is yet another famous singer that can often be seen in high heels.

Check out more photos of Ariana Grande in high heels right here.

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